The World Music School Helsinki just visited, for the second time, Italy, to continue the cooperation with the city of Rome.

We have been working to make a more pan-European cooperation among folk music related institutions, and to bring folk music to a wider audience. In this video you can see one of the planned locations (at Trajan’s Market) where one of the World Music School Roma events will eventually take place, if all goes well and if the European Union will conceded us a grant to kickstart it.

Another possibility for a venue, is at the polemic Museum of Ara Pacis, by Richard Meyer, a popular destination but certainly not the best of modern architectural solutions! 🙂

As an architect, I would have preferred the Pantheon, with its remarkable brick dome.

 As usual, it is a delight to go to Italy. From the food at La prosciutteria Firenze, to the selfies paranoia at Castel Sant’Angelo or the wine tastings of the wonderful white wine Torrefavale 2015 from Campania. We hope that WMS Roma will become true soon!

More info about the World Music School here