Music Teacher Registration

To become a teacher of the World Music School is more to be part of a network. It is not a contract nor it requires any kind of exclusivity.

To be a teacher you need:

  • to show a good level of proficiency in music, either practical or theoretical
  • to send us a CV and resume of your work
  • to set a price per hour of the lesson (the school will negotiate the fee if it goes outside of the average rate)
  • that the teaching methods between teacher and student remain of the responsibility of the teacher


We provide:

  • an online exposure 
  • possibility to rent instruments for very low prices
  • possibility to rent our teaching rooms in Helsinki (10% of the teaching fee)
  • free access to our events (if you are playing) and meetups

For this service we charge the 1st lesson of each new student we get you, which will go to finance the school. If you agree on the above terms, please fill in the following questionnaire.

After registration we will contact you to inform you on our decision to take you in.

If further questions needed, please contact us:




The World Music School Helsinki ry disclaims liability for loss or damage of whatever nature and extent resulting directly or indirectly from any use of the resources made available by World Music School Helsinki ry.