Music Student Registration

To become a Student of the World Music School is to be part of a network.
Student becomes a supporting member of this Association. 
It is not a contract, nor it requires any kind of exclusivity.
You can be based anywhere in the world.

Remember, you can still book our teachers without being a member but we offer you more advantages by being one.


So, to be a Student you need:

  • to support the purpose and activities of the association as a supporting member (the annual fee for the supporting membership is 25 €/year)

As a Student and supporting member of the association, we provide:

  • rentals of instruments for very low prices
  • possibility to use our teaching rooms and concert halls for free
  • free access to all our events 
  • advertising via our newsletter 
  • priority to our promotions and open calls


If you agree on the above terms, please fill in the following questionnaire. 
After registration we will contact you to inform you on our decision to take you in.

If further questions needed, please contact us:

The World Music School Helsinki ry disclaims liability for loss or damage of whatever nature and extent resulting directly or indirectly from any use of the resources made available by World Music School Helsinki ry.





Music Student Registration