Music Student Registration

By becoming a student of the World Music School Helsinki (WMSHelsinki) you pay a yearly fee of 25 euros and get a login access to our booking system.

With it you have access to:

  • our teachers and the teacher’s booking system
  • credit points system where, if you play at our events, you earn credits that will subsidize your lessons
  • be able to take part to the WMSHelsinki Ensemble
  • participation in all events for free (if you play music on the stage)
  • possibility to rent instruments for very low prices
  • free access to our meetups

Please fill in the following form.

After registration we will contact you to confirm and to finalize the payment.

The World Music School Helsinki ry disclaims liability for loss or damage of whatever nature and extent resulting directly or indirectly from any use of the resources made available by World Music School Helsinki ry.

Music Student Registration