The World Music School was invited by the City of Helsinki to contribute to the program of Revitalizing Downtown – summer streets and city center (Kadut Elävät). We brought on the 26.6 a series of our “Folk Dances with Live Music” events to the Finnish National Museum

We taught there how to dance some folk dances of the world. The event counted with three groups of musicians and dance teachers that played during the 2022 Juhannus celebrations. The music was acoustic, requiring no electricity.

– Ivory Coast (Africa)
– Yiddish (Europe)
– Nicaragua (America)

We believe these events are a great way to strengthen the connectedness among the different members of the participating diasporas. Enhancing the bonds between people of Helsinki is our way to participate in the city’s community. Indeed through Music and Dance people are sharing beyond simple words, they convey their own enthusiasm and energy towards each other.

The venue was held at the Finnish National Museum backyard between 13-16.


13.00 – Welcoming words by Pedro Aibéo, Chairman of the World Music School

13.05 – Ivory Coast Folk Dances with Live Music (Lassina Ouattara)

14:00 – Yiddish Folk Dances with Live Music (Helsinki Klezmer Kapelye)

15:00 – Nicaraguan Folk Dances with Live Music (José Robelo and Mariano Vega) 

All photos and videos by Pedro Aibéo 2022