This wednesday the 29th June 2022, at 16:00, we will interview live from Helsinki, the great Mayim Alpert at the Helsinki Open Waves-HOW.
Interview will be conducted by Pedro Aibeo, in english.
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Mayim Alpert is a luthier, composer and multi-instrumentalist who has created music for theatre and film as well as performing in bands across many genres from soul to klezmer. He
is a professional violin and bow maker serving string instruments players in Helsinki and around Finland, with his colleague Lauri Kallinen, at Alpert & Kallinen Fine Violins, in Töölö.
He is also interested in experimental instruments and musical sculpture, and has built unique instruments such as the räätäliira, or tailor’s lyre, from an old sewing machine, and the
runopiano, or poet’s piano, incorporating an old typewriter. He is an active musician in Krepsko Theatre Group, Helsinki Klezmer Kapelye, and Helsinki Balalaikka Orchestra,
among others. Born in the USA, he has however spent the last 20 years in Europe, primarily in Prague and Helsinki, and has 4 boys.