The World Music School (WMS) attended the MENT festival 2022 in Ljubljana, invited to be part of a discussion group on European music export (EMX – Exporters Meeting – 9th June).

Representing the WMS was me, Pedro Aibéo, the chairman of the WMS. On that group were, among others, representatives of the national export offices of different countries such as Belgium, Poland, Austria or Latvia.


During the discussions there was also time for presentations. For example, Yvan Boudillet introduced us to some tech innovations for the export of music and Aymeric Pichevin briefed us on the opportunities of music in esports. We talked too about some hot topics around royalties, buy outs, the market volume, etc.

There was plenty of time for networking and to listen to the many live performances. For me, the band Tukan from Belgium impressed me the most.


When landing in Slovenia, the bus and the airport play Coldplay music incessantly, in opposition, the train station of the Helsinki airport plays soundscapes.

 The experience is completely different. I prefer, without any doubt, the latter experience of Helsinki and this strategy likely promotes too local artists. 

MENT festival promotes local and international music, long live such festivals.


Pedro Aibéo