We’re excited to announce that we will be opening the first-ever permanent school for AIR music, The World Music School AIR!
The school will have its official opening on the 21st of August, while serving as one of the key stops during the Airientation day (https://airguitarworldchampionships.com/…/airientation/). This project will be seeded at the former building of Store Talo at Lipporannantie 16, 90500 Oulu , under the, also new, Gamified Cohousing Oulu (https://gamifiedcohousing.com/oulu/).
Additionally, this building and its activities will be part of the 2025 Housing Fair of the city of Oulu and will host an artistic residency this year!
We are open for partnerships, interested individuals who want to join our team, host events, and accommodate people. All press is welcomed to cover the event as well as all cultural operators are invited for coffee!
This project is in collaboration with the Air Guitar World Championships – Ilmakitaransoiton MM-kisat – Ilmakitaransoiton MM-kisat.
Stay tuned for more updates!