This event held on the 6th February 2019, followed the usual method of the former events by the WMS, but this time we partnered with Caisa and Sibelius. The new location and the required swiftness in arranging it all, did not call in the usual amount of people we are used to, in average 80. This time we were around 25. But nonetheless these 25 rocked the boat. The size of the room and the number of people allowed the event to be more of a workshop so our teachers and musicians managed to explain the dances and music in more detail.

The room is great for the event, not as the vernacular feeling of Bokvillan but a well equipped room for such events. Caisa moved in recently to this new house so many people were and are unaware of its location, it will take a while till it is more established and it becomes again the reference it has been since 1996. We are very happy to have been part of this collaboration and to have given our contribution to the “World In Motion Now” program of 2019. We hope this is the start of many to come! :.-)

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