We are happy to inform that we are now collaborating with Caisa (Kulttuuri Helsinki) and Sibelius (Taideyliopiston Sibelius-Akatemia) for the upcoming event of the “World In Motion Now!” on the 6th February in #Helsinki.
This collaboration came by invitation of Caisa in 2018. This has been for us, the World Music School Helsinki, a long awaited partnership as we believe Caisa shares many similar values as we do. Caisa was created in 1995 and opened its doors in 1996, to respond to the influx of immigrants in Helsinki. The government back then thought that these new cultures will either feel forced to integrate into the Finnish society or will close themselves into “cultural ghettos”! It was decided that one can soften this process of assimilation and identity through arts. Meaning, if these new cultures could share their ways of interpreting the world, in a place which welcomes everyone, specially locals, then this path might be smoother.
We can all agree this was a right decision. The broad general cultural work of integration by Caisa has expanded to others like us, justifying its importance. We at the World Music School Helsinki, are mostly immigrants and we continue this work of integration but focused on music. We teach music as a mother language like it should be: it should be acquired, not taught. So we use these events involving folk dances and folk music and mixing two diasporas to do so.
Come and join us at the upcoming event on the 6th, where we will also have two cultures playing and dancing and inviting all of us, to talk this language, music, which is our very first.
We are most happy to be collaborating with Caisa and Sibleius and we do hope this is the start of a long term dance!

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