Band Form for Concerts

World Music School will be promoting your band.

We are pleased to announce that the World Music School will be promoting your band, or you as a solo artist. We will list you in our data bank and do marketing for you and your band.

To find the best locations, please fill in this form the best you can. We will go through it and if interested we will contact you each time we receive bookings within the scope of music you perform. The World Music School will only list the bands we find suiting.

Please use separate forms if there are more than one bands you would like to have listed.

After registration we will contact you to inform you on our decision to take you in.

To become listed as a band by the World Music School is more to be part of a network. It is not a contract nor it requires any kind of exclusivity.

If further questions needed, please contact us:

The World Music School Helsinki ry disclaims liability for loss or damage of whatever nature and extent resulting directly or indirectly from any use of the resources made available by World Music School Helsinki ry.



Band Form for Concerts