The chairman of the World Music School Helsinki, Pedro Aibéo, is now in West Africa to build a new World Music School in Benin, in Grand-Popo, in collaboration with the Finnish African Cultural Center. We will use heritage renovation, renewable energies and our innovative music teaching method of our school in Helsinki.

Villa Karo of Grand-Popo

Villa Karo of Grand-Popo

The World Music School Helsinki has started in 2017 to have schools in Shanghai and Porto, Portugal. Plans are being drafted to increase it to Rome in Italy, together with the Italian Government. It is of major importance to make the step of creating a School in a developing country in West Africa such as Benin, to show how, by using a minimal infrastructure of a computer with internet, one can use the local artistic knowledge of music, to empower and enrich the local population by harvesting our worldwide student community. Our system allows that, and we are now happy to be moving efforts to make this into reality.

Grand-Popo's local school

Grand-Popo’s local school

This all cannot be done without adapting to the local needs and habits of West Africa. In Grand-Popo, Benin, there is a lack of infrastructure such as a constant stream of electricity, but much has been improving due to the pioneering work of Villa Karo, the Finnish-African cultural centre. Therefore we reached out to this institution and they accepted the challenge proposed to study the potential of this plan. We are now here in Benin to draft a feasibility plan and establish a local team. This local team, as we have been doing in China and Portugal, will lead the process locally.

To solve some of the infrastructural challenges we will us

Bagpipes in West Africa

Pedro Aibéo, 01.10.2017, in Grand-Popo’s orphanage, showing local kids how to play a bagpipe.
Photo by Liisa Manninen

e this cultural / business proposal to also create the means of independent energy sources based mostly on anaerobic biogas. This will also foment the usage of this technology throughout, specially to the wonderful local orphanage.



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