The usually monthly organized event by the World Music School Helsinki, this time in July 2017, was held at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival. As usual, we mixed two cultures. This time we bundled together Galicia, the end of the world as the romans called it, and Bulgaria.
We invited Davide Salvado and his band for the Galician side, and Anna Dantchev -Bulgarian voice from Finland to the Bulgarian.
The Bulgarian Side:
The Galician Side:
In adition to this event, we organized a concert of Davide Salvado at the same festival. Along with 3 other musicians, he presented Lobos, his latest project. Pedro Aibéo opened the concert by celebrating the importance the music and language has had in protecting the identity of Galicia, against the homogenization of the Spanish Nation. Finland has protected its cultural roots also via language and music, and Kaustinen, not on its 50th year, is a living proof of it.
Photos and videos by Paul Aibéo

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