Can we make a World Music School in Africa? 
During September and October of 2017, the Chairman of the World Music School (WMS), Pedro Aibéo went to West Africa, to Benin, to make a feasibility study on the possibility of making a World Music School in Africa.

After careful research, the report suggested that such a World Music School in Africa would be possible and beneficial for both us and the local community. The chosen location is Grand-Popo, benefiting from the ground breaking work of Villa-Karo, The Finnish-African Cultural Centre.
Already there we gave a first class at CIAMO in collaboration with the saxophone player Linda Fredriksson. The local students were thrilled: TCHIBOZO Médérith, GBEMANONZIN Nadine, MESSOUHON Flora, DEMIDE Jolivelle, d’OLIVEIRA Horace, KOUNAGBE Gloria, AMOUSSOU Léandre and DOVONOU Pamela.

We identified that our plan there must focus on the education of music to young girls. There is an enormous gender gap, and music education can be a practical tool to overcome such gap (please ask us to send you the feasibility report if interested).

The feasibility plan's first Page

During this amazing process, we were very lucky to have found a key partner in Benin, Mr. Wilfrid Houndje. We have been in intense contact since October 2017 to make a World Music School in Africa come true!
Meeting with Pedro Aibéo and Wilfried and Lina in Benin, West Africa

Meeting with Pedro Aibéo and Wilfried and Lina in Benin, West Africa

To mark such work, on the 20th October 2017, we made a small event marking the launch of the WMS Grand-Popo. It took place at the Villa Karo, with invited guests, hosted by our  local Ambassador Houndje Wilfrid and the WMS’ Chairman, Pedro Aibéo.
Back in Finland, we are now working for this process. For example, we are now looking for the best site for the upcoming World Music School in Grand-Popo and drafting a budget and an action plan to make it happen.
During the upcoming years we will be making efforts to increase our presence and work in Africa with a strong emphasis in the education of music for girls.
We need all the help we can get i making this happen, contact us if you are interested in Knowing more.

Keep up to date about the WMS Grand-Popo at our facebook site here


World Music School, Helsinki, 19.03.2018
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