WMS ensemble

WMS ensemble will explore the integration of world music styles in a contemporary music context: merging elements from world, folk and rhythmic music, exploring diverse sound possibilities during the sessions. Students will be active participants acquiring practical understanding of ensemble playing, leadership approaches and developing own musical skills. Furthermore students will immediately apply these skills playing at the monthly WMS folk dance events.

The students will also experience music creation through improvisation and interaction, exploring a diversity of sound colors, textures and timbres. When we are improvising, we are used to be changing our focus constantly, shifting dynamics and emotions. This course will use this phenomenon as a tool for composition and improvisation. Applying harmonic concepts, improvisation techniques, sound painting and composing methods during the sessions. With the goal of helping the student to find his/her own voice as a musician whilst approaching music as a mother language, interacting and communicating musical ideas with other musicians.

The structure of the course will consist of weekly ensemble rehearsal time (max 5 students per ensemble), interacting with visiting artists and creating musical repertoire leading to a concert.

When & Where:

Rehearsals will take place at WMS official site, in Viipurinkatu 8 00510 Helsinki, on Wednesdays h. 19:00-21:00. The WMS ensemble Autumn term will start in week 34. According to the students schedule it may be possible to arrange different day/s and time/s.

Does it cost?

55 € per month. Within a term there will be 17 rehearsals and a final concert.
Concerts will be performed at WMS Pikkujoulu for the Autumn term, and at WMS Kevätjuhlia for the Spring term.

Sounds amazing!! How do I sign up to play with WMS ensemble?

First you need to register yourself as a WMS student: within the on-line “Student Application Form” you can choose to sign up for the WMS ensemble. If you are already a student you can sign up via email writing at: sanchez@worldmusic.school

About the instructor:


For more information please contact: sanchez@worldmusic.school