flamenco guitarist Juho Koskimies

Flamenco singer Anna Murtola’s first Flamenco Singing Workshop for WMS took place over two days in the beginning of September (1st and 2nd). The workshop’s theme was Introduction to Flamenco Singing and it was open for all levels of students, interested in singing and flamenco music. An enthusiastic group of 11 singers gathered to learn some of the basics of this Spanish art form through an introduction to its basic theory, some history and general knowledge of its special features. But most of all the workshop was of course about the joy of expressing yourself through singing, which there was plenty of!




The students learned some traditional song verses in the styles called Tientos and Tangos. Some of flamenco singing special techniques were also introduced through the songs, as well as some playful exercises for the strong emotional interpretation so crucial to flamenco. As a guest star to the group, flamenco guitarist Juho Koskimies joined the second workshop day to accompany the singers. Both days were full of rhythm, attitude and pure joy of singing. The workshop was only the beginning of Anna Murtola’s Flamenco Singing Classes, starting this Autumn as a group lesson at WMS.

The workshop group


We will continue these workshops, more information soon!


Anna Murtola

Anna Murtola

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